Spruce Pine UMC   Costa Rica Mission 2007

Linda and Kim sanding molding. 
It rained all day today, hence the rain gear.
Mike drilling angle iron steel for use 
in the unfinished meeting building.

Ken Phillips (a member of "God's Chain Gang") 
loading wheelbarrows of dirt for filling in
around new sidewalks.
Sue Phillips and Pat have kitchen duty
preparing breakfast, morning break, lunch, and
afternoon break for the work crews.

Peter King high in the air working steel trusses.
Neil (also a member of the "Chain Gang")
loading wheelbarrows of dirt in the rain.

Kim, Linda, Ken, Mike, and Linda working on
the tree they cut down next to the river
Mike loading a trunk piece of the felled tree. 

Ken working on the chainsaw with our Costa
Rican helper Felipe.
Neil, Mike, and Guy mixing concrete (in the pouring rain).