Spruce Pine UMC
New Orleans Mission Trip

April  16 - 22,  2006
Team Dynamics
The men and women are sleeping in separate church class rooms.
Each morning, the men serenade
the women to wake them.  We sing the current day's
verse of 'Jesu, Jesu'.
Maggie commented that the 'Yazoo' song comes awfully early!

Alternate words to Jesu, Jesu

Hey You, Hey You,
Its time to get up,
Its past 6 o'clock
We have got work to do!

Sawing down trees is a breeze;
Pulling out nails slow as snails;
Hauling out trash is a blast
Each day.
Maria has been identifying our three vehicles
over the radio, on the way to job sites as:
Snap Crackle, Pop
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
Larry, Deryl, Deryl
Curly, Larry, Moe
Huey, Dewy, Lewy
Hickory, Dickory, Doc
Earth, Wind, Fire
Dick, Jane, Spot
Red, White, Blue

Comments heard from more than one client family:
"We packed 2 changes of clothes, and stayed away for 6 months."
WestBank Ministries, a UMCOR agency, has served 500 homes,
and has a waiting list of 800 more.
Denzel Washington is making a film in many parts of New Orleans. 
On Wednesday, he towed Marvin's  van from in front of the
church where we were staying, so they could film on the street. 
When done, they towed it back, and we would not have
know about the move, except the the pastor told us about it.
A directive announced on April 21 says that by the anniversary of Katrina,
Aug 29, all damaged homes must be gutted, or boarded up.
Other wise they will be confiscated and demolished.  This is to reduce the hazard dangers of abandoned homes.