Tuscaloosa Tornado Recovery
   Today is a somber day in Tuscaloosa, it's the 6-month anniversary of the April 27th tornado that destroyed 9 miles of Tuscaloosa killing over 60 people before it went on to Birmingham and south Georgia. TV news trucks are everywhere as we come back to our headquarters church- First Presbyterian Church- this afternoon. At supper last night, Dr. Durham, their senior pastor, told us that 50 families in his church lost their homes, only 3 of those families so far have a home to return to. The last of 3 church members to die as a result of the tornado died yesterday after being in the hospital for the 6 months. University of Alabama students dug the elderly woman out of the rubble of her home and carried her 10 blocks to the hospital in a Lazy Boy recliner.
   Such stories of heroic action are widespread in this town. Everyone has a unique story to tell of how they survived and how they came together to help one another.
This church of 1100 members has 6 pastors and a multi-million dollar budget. The church covers an entire city block. Across the street is the 4-story First United Methodist church, across from it is First Baptist Church. 
   Today we have a visit from the executive director of Tuscaloosa Habitat for Humanity who presents us (SPUMC) with a beautiful framed certificate signed by herself, Dr. Durham, and the mayor of Tuscaloosa.
    On the job site, we finish installing soffit, fascia, most of the metal roof, and much of the siding. The weather forecast for tomorrow calls for a cold rain so we will probably work on the front porch ceiling and assist the elecricians inside. We meet the homeowner of this home, Carmella Coach, for the first time.

What's left of Alberta Baptist Church. The present Alberta Baptist Church-
an office trailer and a picnic shelter for a sanctuary.

The Alberta Baptist fellowship hall A former used car dealership, now a pile of junk cars

The Greater Faith & Victory Worship Center
(note that the roof trusses look like those at SPUMC)
The front of Faith & Victory Worship Center

Typical damaged house. Typical damaged house.

Typical damage. Typical damage.

Typical damage.

The Hamlyn and Company roofing crew.

The SPUMC siding crew. Marie Brown and Carmella cleaning the side yard.

Carmella Coach, soon-to-be resident of \the home we're working on.